Hajj & Umrah FAQ

You will fly with Saudi Airlines. The correct course will be affirmed to you a long time before flight with the goal that you can prepare yourself. FYI, It will be a non-stop trip back and forward to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The dates are last and ought not change; Although, in the improbable occasion of a change happening in the dates, you will be educated well in front of the planned date of takeoff. One clear explanation behind the change is the moon-locating.

2 bits of baggage,23 kilograms each will be permitted by Saudi Airlines as the registration things. While coming back from Hajj, Zamzam will be permitted free alongside the permitted 2 bits of stuff, 23 kg each registration things.

The majority of the Hajj Packages flights will withdraw from London, Manchester and Birmingham starting at now. In the event that there are extra flight urban areas included, a similar will be refreshed on this site in the FAQs.

Flights are affirmed and can’t be changed under any conditions.

Indeed, Qurbani is incorporated into the bundle costs recorded on our site. We figured it would be in an ideal situation incorporating it in the bundle as this will finish the bundle pleasantly.

You will perform Hajj Al-Tamatt’u this year. Hajj Al-Tamatt’u is a sunnah and has been coordinated by our prophet Mu’hammed (P.B.U.H) upon the Ummah which is the reason it is viewed as the best type of Hajj. This Hajj includes performing Umrah and after that Hajj for which a different ‘Ihram is required.

The religious guide amid your Hajj will be Hafiz Khalid Muhammad, he will go with the Hajj gatherings of Go Hajj Umrah this year. He is one of the accomplished aides in the UK who will control all explorers in each progression of a mind-blowing ‘trek’- – Hajj

The direction and adventure will be absolutely founded on the Quran and Sunnah.

The Saudi expert – Ministry of Hajj presented another recurrent Hajj expense of SAR 2000 (£ 400 approx.) pertinent to the individuals who have gone for Hajj in the previous 5 years i.e., since 2013. This must be paid by the pioneer well beyond the Hajj bundle cost recorded on this site.

Aziziyah accommodation is a piece of a portion of our Hajj Packages 2018/2019, not all. It depends regardless of whether you are obtaining a moving or non moving bundle

There will be independent tents for people.

13 years or more seasoned kids are permitted in our Hajj aggregate as they can profit by the excursion by understanding its criticalness and can likewise withstand the sturdiness related with it. In any case, under extraordinary conditions, we permit youngsters up to the age of 7 in which case guardians are exclusively in charge of the consideration of their kids.

There are things that you can absolutely carry alongside you that will be helpful like resting packs. We will cover this theme in detail in the Hajj workshop that is obligatory to be gone to by each Hajj explorer booking with us.

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