Payment Policy

Payment Policy

The full installment must be made to the Company two months previously the takeoff date for Umrah and two months previously the flight date for Hajj. The payment  could be made by a bank transfer or cheque (given there are at least 5 working days to clear the cheque). Your booking might be cancelled if you neglect to make the full installment on time. The cancellation charges are unmistakably characterized beneath which will be payable by you after the cancellation.


On the off chance that you cancel the booking, the individual who has signed the booking must tell  The Company in writing  as quickly as time permits. The date on which the writing is gotten by The Company, It will be the date on which the fees & charges will apply.

The Charges and fees will be as follows:Cancellation outside 28 days before flight/departure will be £500 per individual.

Scratch-off 27-14 days before takeoff half per individual.

Scratch-off 14-7 days before takeoff 70% per individual.

Cancellation 7-2 days before travel 100% per individual

You may consider having a travel insurance protection arrangements, on the off chance that you do, the cancellation costs may be secured by your travel insurance provider provided you have followed the procedure laid down by your insurance provider. You ought to have the capacity to make a case through your insurance protection strategy for your cancellation charges subject to policy excess.

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