Terms & Conditions

Umrah Booking Conditions and Contract:
This is your agreement with Go Hajj Umrah Travel (alluded as The Company onwards). The Company’s enlisted office address is 2 Moat Road, Leicester, LE5 5EF. Your Details and The Company’s commitments under these booking conditions are characterized beneath,in this way perused them painstakingly. All agreements are liable to the accompanying conditions –

Your Obligation to Us:

1. Booking

Your agreement with The Company is made once the accompanying advances have been finished.

On fruition and return of the Umrah booking form and required deposit.

The receipt/invoice by The Company will be sent to you.

When you make a booking  for benefit of others, you ensure that you have the expert to acknowledge our conditions in the interest of all individuals from the gathering you are speaking to.

The affirmation of The Company should deliberately be checked.If you have any questions with The Company, address them promptly after receiving your receipt. Your agreement with The Company is liable to English Law represented by the purview of the English Courts and is esteemed to have been made by The Company at their workplaces in Leicester & Birmingham.

2. The Payment

The full installment must be made to the Company two months previously the takeoff date for Umrah and two months previously the flight date for Hajj. The payment  could be made by a bank transfer or cheque (given there are at least 5 working days to clear the cheque). Your booking might be cancelled if you neglect to make the full installment on time. The cancellation charges are unmistakably characterized beneath (section 4), which will be payable by you after the cancellation.

3. The Change or Alteration in the Booking

After you get our receipt affirming your booking, in the event that you wish to change any arrangements in your booking, we will do our best to meet your necessities. You should quickly educate The Company in composing with subtleties of the modifications required. The asked for change will be liable to accessibility and the understanding by the concerned providers and will be liable to an administration charge. As a rule, an adjustment in transfer or change of name will mean the dropping and re-booking of the schedules, the flights and Hotels. It could cause a significant extra charge. This charge could be as much as the Umrah cost. You ought to know that these expenses may increase closer to takeoff, the progressions are made by you. On the off chance that you change the quantity of individuals in your party the cost will be recalculated to the new party measure. This may imply that accommodation is under-occupied and alternate individuals from the travellers may need to pay an expanded cost.

4. Cancellation Policy

On the off chance that you cancel the booking, the individual who has signed the booking must tell  The Company in writing  as quickly as time permits. The date on which the writing is gotten by The Company, It will be the date on which the fees & charges will apply.

The Charges and fees will be as follows:

Cancellation outside 28 days before flight/departure will be £500 per individual.

Scratch-off 27-14 days before takeoff half per individual.

Scratch-off 14-7 days before takeoff 70% per individual.

Cancellation 7-2 days before travel  100% per individual

You may consider having a travel insurance protection arrangements, on the off chance that you do, the cancellation costs may be secured by your travel insurance provider provided you have followed the procedure laid down by your insurance provider. You ought to have the capacity to make a case through your insurance protection strategy for your cancellation charges subject to policy excess.

5. Your Complaints

While on your pilgrimage, on the off chance that you have any reason for complaint from us, this must be conveyed to the consideration of The Company’s agent/representative or named delegate/specialist or the hotel executives or alternate providers promptly with the goal that move can be made to handle the issue. It would be ideal if you contact The Company’s office in the UK quickly if your delegate/specialist or the lodging the board can’t resolve the problem . On the off chance that the issue is yet unresolved, record your complaints on a clients remarks form available on demand, forward it together with the full subtleties of your dissension to The Company within 14 working days after the finish of your Umrah Package.

On the off chance that you don’t follow  the above procedure, The Company will be denied of the chance to investigate. While you are on Umrah, correct your dissension. 

6. Our Obligation

1 . You recognize that there is a hazard related with the Umrah while booking with The Company. The dangers incorporate congestion in lodgings and poor administration of public places. You should take sensible consideration for your very own wellbeing and the security of other individuals in your gathering and you ought to be fit enough to embrace the Umrah.

2. On the off chance that an individual from your party is injured or murdered because of a component shaping piece of your courses of action booked before departure from the UK, the duty could be acknowledged whether the passing or damage is because of a blame on our part or the piece of our agents or providers. The Company will acknowledge obligation if this is because of a blame on our part or that of our operators or providers if any piece of your booking courses of action before your departure from the UK isn’t as clarified in our pamphlet, or not of a sensible standard. The Company won’t acknowledge obligation if any passing, individual damage or disappointment of your pilgrimage arrangements isn’t caused by any blame of  The Company, or our agents or providers. The Company won’t acknowledge obligation if the demise, individual damage or disappointment of the pilgrimage arrangements is because of unexpected conditions which, even with all due consideration, The Company, our delegated operators or providers couldn’t have foreseen or maintained a strategic distance from.

3. The payment to you or the individual of your party for death, individual injury or ailment, you must give The Company or our insurers the rights you may have to take action against the individual or association responsible for causing the death or individual injury or ailment. You must co-work  completely with The Company in looking for recuperation of any payment made.

7. Costs and Taxes

The Company maintains all authority to change the package cost whenever without earlier notice and you will be informed in like manner. On the off chance that the tickets are not issued on the given time limit, the cited price  of an Airline ticket might be increased on the off chance that the Airline forces any extra surcharges. The cost might be increased if the government forces any charges relating to your travel. The package cost may likewise be increased because of changes in costs by our suppliers in Saudi Arabia (lodgings, transport and so forth), in such case, increment up to 5% will be absorbed by The Company. On the off chance that increase is over 5%, you have the privilege to cancel your package and claim a full discount subject to refund charges of Airline tickets.

On the other hand, you may choose to pay for your package in full at the time of the booking, in which case The Company will settle the cost and no charges or increases in price will be made.

8. Adjustment of Your Confirmed Booking

The Company may once in a while need to change your arrangements or part of them while everything will be done to give the Umrah as affirmed. The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to do as such without earlier notice. The Company will do its best to advise you before departure in the case of alterations. On the off chance that The Company needs to make noteworthy modifications to your arrangements, it will advise you as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. Critical alterations incorporate..

 1.The change of Airport/ terminal [except between Airport serving a similar city].

 2.On the off chance that the outward or return flight is rescheduled by over 24 hours. You may at that point:

 a. Acknowledge the change and the agreement will be fluctuated to fuse the change ,  OR

 b.Take an equivalent option Umrah Package subject to availability ,  OR

 c.Pull back from the booking totally in and The Company will make a full refund of installments made by you.

The elements influencing flights halting at an airport en route are not regularly known in time for warning, such modification isn’t viewed as a noteworthy change nor are changes in transporter or Aircraft type.The Company isn’t obligated to pay remuneration where the changes are by reason of unusual and unforeseeable conditions past The Company’s control and which couldn’t have been maintained a strategic distance from by the activity of all due consideration. These could incorporate, however are not restricted to, war, danger of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist {actual or threatened } industrial dispute, technical problems with transport or equipment , power failure , natural or nuclear disaster , fire , epidemic , flood , dought , unavoidable technical problems with transport and adverse weather, The Company is additionally not liable to pay remuneration where the change is by reason of low bookings, which applies where an inadequate number of people book a pilgrimage for it to be monetarily practical. Before they will work, all  group pilgrimages require a minimum number of bookings. The Company does not acknowledge obligation for deferrals to flights to or from the United Kingdom or for any cancellation of flights. If there should arise an occurrence of deferred flight as they are liable to aviation authority, the Company is additionally not obligated to pay any remuneration.

9. Cancellation by Us

The Company maintains all authority to cancel your Umrah, cancellation might be important in outstanding conditions. In the event that this happens you will be offered full and prompt refund of all the money you have paid or the choice  of an alternative Umrah Package of similar standard (if available). On the off chance that you neglect to make any payments by the due date, The Company will cancel your Umrah Package and The Company won’t be liable for any remuneration.

On the off chance that The Company cancels your Umrah Package because of low bookings, as characterized in passage (8), in these conditions you will get a full  and prompt fund of the considerable number of payments made by you. On the off chance that your Umrah is cancelled due to circumstances beyond The Company’s control, no remuneration will be paid.

10. Conduct and behaviour

In The Company’s sensible conclusion or in the sensible supposition of the Airline pilot, the Hotel administrator, the tour leader or some other individual in power, if your conduct is causing risk, harm to property or obviously influencing the happiness regarding others, The Company claims all authority to end your agreement. No refund or compensation would be paid, should this occur. The Company will try to recoup these in full from you, if your behaviour results in The Company being compelled to pay extra charges.The Company won’t endure any sort of verbal or physical abuse to its workers by anybody previously or during the Umrah package.

11. Information Protection Privacy Policy

Any data about you or individuals from your gathering, including your names, contact subtleties and any unique needs, handicaps or dietary prerequisites is gathered by The Company, when you request data or make a booking. It is your obligation to guarantee that alternate individuals from your gathering know about the booking conditions and this strategy and that every individual consents to you following up for their sake in your dealings with The Company. The Company may unveil this data to our specialist co-ops (who might be situated outside the UK/EU) to provide you with your movement courses of action and protection. The main least required data for this reason will be revealed. It might be required for us to unveil data for security and against fear based oppression purposes, or some other reason forced on us by governments or aircrafts, on account of air travel.

The Company may unveil your data to organizations who go about as information processors for our benefit for different purposes; one such reason for existing is remarketing. The data, for instance, identifying with your religion or wellbeing, might be touchy individual information inside the significance of the Data Protection Act 1998. Your data is gathered depending on the prerequisite that The Company has your assent, The Company needs this data to provide food for your requirements. The Company can’t acknowledge your booking in the event that you don’t consent to the utilization of your data.

The Company may get in touch with you by post with data about uncommon offers or journeys, on the off chance that you don’t wish to get such data, if it’s not too much trouble advise The Company . You have the privilege to approach The Company in composing for an information ask for frame to acquire a duplicate of the data, which The Company holds about you. You might be charged an expense for this administration. Any such demand ought to be routed to The Company’s Secretary.

12. Umrah and Hajj Visa

For Umrah visas to Saudi Arabia, The Company’s visa benefit permits to apply for your sake. The Company acknowledges no obligation at all for any refusal or postponement in getting an Umrah visa as The Company can’t ensure the acquiring of any visa. Because of a postponement or refusal, The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to guarantee any related expenses caused subsequently.

The Company is additionally not at risk for any deferral in acquiring an Umrah visa due to a lost/lost international ID in the government office. On the off chance that the government office keeps your identification for a more extended period because of extra checks, The Company isn’t obligated.

The Health and General Information.

It is your duty:

To check your tickets, immunization endorsements, convenience vouchers, identification, visa or whatever else which may keep you from being permitted to travel.

In the event that you think any data is mistaken, you should advise The Company quickly. The Company won’t be in charge of any issues which may emerge if you neglect to inform The Company

To ensure that your identification is legitimate for something like a half year after the date your journey closes.

To consider taking out movement protection for your trek. The Company would suggest this in all conditions.

To guarantee that you agree to all movement wellbeing prerequisites, for example, immunization.

To guarantee that you comprehend and know about the ceremonies of your Umrah and how to perform them.

To know that amid the pinnacle season, especially the Ramadan time frame, due to the colossal quantities of individuals on journey and the issues of congestion, your room offices or furniture might be extraordinary. The Company can’t keep this from happening now and again and acknowledge no risk for it.

Especially at the season of the Ramdan, you ought to know that the flights and goal air terminals can now and then be modified at last. The Company have no influence over this and you ought to acknowledge this could transpire.

To comprehend that Saudi Arabia isn’t liable to a similar wellbeing and security controls that exist in the UK and Europe. The activity of specific enhancements and offices might be liable to neighborhood authorizing laws or religious journey in numerous zones. Support and nearby vitality preservation measures may imply that the inn or condo constrains certain offices, e.g. cooling or water supplies. What’s more, irregular climate conditions may cause power failure.The Company won’t be obligated for any harm or misfortunes emerging from this. By and large this prompts a valuable affair however you ought to know that settlement in condos and inns is given on a common premise (except if a suitable additional charge has been paid and this is expressed on your affirmation contract). All data about the inns has been given by those inns and might not have been checked by The Company. All lodgings have private restrooms yet you ought to know that the sizes of the rooms are typically littler than those in the UK and Europe.

The dinners are given on a self administration premise in lodgings and lofts. To comprehend that the star rating of the lodgings has been contrived by The Company and shows the exclusive requirement of the inn advertised. You ought to know that the nourishment served is nearby sustenance and may change from everyday.

It would be ideal if you additionally note

To watch the laws, regulations and guidelines applicable in the Kingdom.

To leave the Kingdom and not after the expiry of the predetermined period conceded by the embassy to perform Umrah.

You are not permitted to work in the Kingdom with or without pay on an Umrah visa.

Umrah visa holders not to remain in the Kingdom to perform Hajj.

Air Travel Organizers License (ATOL)

Go Hajj Umrah Travel (trading under High Rank Travel Limited) holds ATOL licence 11400 issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. Every one of the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this site are financially secured by the ATOL scheme. ATOL protection does not apply to all holidays and travel services recorded. If it’s not too much trouble request that we affirm what protection may apply to your booking. You will be provided with an ATOL Certificate when you pay. If it’s not too much trouble request it and check to guarantee that all that you booked (flights, Hotels and different services) is recorded on it. The CAA will guarantee that you are not stranded abroad and will organize to refund any money you have paid to us for an advance booking in the improbable occasion of our indebtedness. If you don’t mind see our booking conditions for additional information or for more information about monetary protection and the ATOL Certificate go to 

(I) Package Holidays

At the point when these are offered, they are provided by driving UK Tour Operators at a comprehensive cost and give fantastic incentive to cash. These courses of action will normally incorporate transportation (as a rule sanction flights on settled takeoff dates and for a settled span), convenience, exchanges and delegate benefits in resort at a comprehensive cost.

(ii) Flight Only and Flight Plus Hotel Arrangements

Flight and Hotel plans commonly offer a lot more prominent adaptability than Packages allowing the explorer the chance to look over an immense range of booked, straightforward and sanction flights for a scope of terms. To these flight courses of action can be included Hotel accommodation, vehicle hire as well as transfers as required. These flight and supplementary components are altogether sold as discrete things and all things considered are prohibited from ATOL protection under our permit. E-tickets on planned airlines will be sent to you inside 24 hours of payments. No frills carriers are excluded from ATOL protection. On the acknowledgement and affirmation pages and on the confirmation email you get, every one of these courses of action unmistakably convey the message.

If it’s not too much trouble note: We are an autonomous agent to travel providers of flights, Hotels, and different various services. We are adaptable and every product you make is an individual buy available  independently at a similar cost and isn’t a piece of a package occasion.

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